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Health guarantee comes with every pup, lasts for one year, states breeder warrants puppy to be in good health and free from illness at the time of transfer, puppy will have at least one examination by a qualified veterinarian and will receive appropriate worming and vaccines at breeders expense. Breeder requires purchaser to have puppy examined by a veterinarian of purchasers choice within 1 week of transfer of puppy.  

In the event of emergence of any genetic or congenital disorder within puppy's first 12 months of life, which is sufficiently serious in the opinion of at least 2 qualified veterinarians, one of whom will be chosen by the breeder, to deem puppy unsuitable as a companion pet or to warrant euthanasia of puppy breeder agrees to 

A. replace puppy with one of equivalent quality within 18 months 

B. refund the original purchase price 

We also offer microchip of puppy to be done by us at no additional charge, please send a message at time of purchase if you would like the microchip. 

we can meet for pickup for an additional charge which will be paid at time of pickup, up to one hour is included in original price, 1-2.5 hours will be additional $150, and 2.5-5 hours is $300. 


Milo Hendrix Male German Shepherd (2021-09-19) - Black & Tan
Avila's mickey
2020-05-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Scoob von vinvent
2019-02-01 Black & Silver German Shepherd
Grahams big time boy
2010-06-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Bullers Box Top
Donna's Dallas
Two diamonds saved by the bella
2015-02-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
DLB jager der blaken-schvitzen
Dlb silver chisum mali
Magnahilda von vincent
2019-02-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Lanharts brave bear
2016-06-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Uinta apache vom kountry
Pretty kokopelly vom kountry
Lanharts schatzi lady
2016-06-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Gage's sampson von wolfe
Jake's cornerstone molly
Rubi rose
2020-05-01 Sable German Shepherd
~2009 German Shepherd
Alphatex's Brodie Von Kaiser
German Shepherd
Wilder's Dutch Shultz
Alphatex's Tierney Vom Castle
~2012 German Shepherd
ana enkelin aus-remington max
2019-04-01 Black & Red German Shepherd
Tex izranger
2014-04-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
brontea von lexus
Mattie vom knabenshue
2014-04-01 Bi-Color German Shepherd
Ode Vom Doppel-Dehaus
Chrystel Maag
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Sabbath black Female German Shepherd (2021-05-22) - Sable
Rickert's axle
2021-05-01 Sable German Shepherd
Tank stasi
2019-03-01 Sable German Shepherd
2010-10-31 German Shepherd
Greif vom Ritterberg
V Bazooka iz Minskoi Tamozhni
kasta stasi
German Shepherd
V Taiga Super Agent
Huter der nacht foxi
2020-06-01 Sable German Shepherd
UKC CHAMPION Arrow vom Flossgraben
2013-07-01 German Shepherd
SG Fred vom Wartenberg
Vivien vom Flossgraben
Jil von Lord Fandor
German Shepherd
V Viktor vom Wolfstal
SG Baika von Lord Fandor
Kodalynn bear kerr
2021-09-01 Sable German Shepherd
Brushy creeks sigmund vom everett haus cgc
2017-08-01 Sable German Shepherd
Angus our liberty
2016-05-01 Black German Shepherd
Paco vom kammberg
Audrey vom abdeckerhaus
Wbard playa
2016-05-01 Sable German Shepherd
Jack stout
Penningtons heavenly haven
Darios spring van den heuvel
2019-03-01 Sable German Shepherd
Dario vom Weinbergblick
2007-04-13 German Shepherd
V Vito vom Waldwinkel
SG Inka vom Weinbergblick
zoey p van den heuvel
2017-08-01 Sable German Shepherd
VÝB. Congo Vikar 5JV2/P
V Fidorka Anrebri
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Tacoma Darla Female German Shepherd (2021-06-29) - Black & Tan
Brock kandy
2017-04-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Ramirez's kilo
2016-06-01 White German Shepherd
Racer's snow geist
2012-08-01 White German Shepherd
Karissa's Snow Racer
Krystal Mountain Snow
Montana's creme latte
2012-08-01 Sable German Shepherd
Der Kaiser Im Grunen
montana snowstorm
Gemma xxxi
2016-06-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Abel Yethro Hawkins
German Shepherd
Alphatex's Dazzle EM Dalton
Alphatex's I'm Tierney's Terri
Maggy May Purcell Hawkins
German Shepherd
Sam E. Upchurch
The Starr In Chances Eye
Princess shadow lilly
2020-06-01 Black German Shepherd
Smoky von hoffrichter's
2017-05-01 Black & Silver German Shepherd
Hoffrichter's fritz
2012-09-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Nazi Wolfgang von Heisterberg
Valhalla's Valkrian Princess
Mina xxxiv
2012-09-01 Black & Tan German Shepherd
Nanuq Valhalla
Mitzy of Blue Ridge
Richardshaus lady kimber
2017-04-01 Sable German Shepherd
Yago vom steppenwolf bach
2015-06-01 Black German Shepherd
V Mirko vom Gräfental
Uta Von Der Gauss
Richardshaus perfect storm
2015-06-01 Sable German Shepherd
Malachi vom haus richards ii
Lillie vom erwinhaus
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